Did Elon Musk Really Fire Indian Employee From Twitter?

Over a week Elon musk fired more than 90% of the Twitter staff members. However, there were around 200 employees after lay off. Now there are only dozens of Indian employees left including its engineering and product staff.

How are Indians affected by the new rules and regulations of Twitter?

Indian layoff affected engineering and product departments after Elon musk fired Twitter employees as well. When Elon musk’s viral video on going Twitter headquarters. Afterward, Elon musk’s Twitter accounts were active a lot, and posted tweets regularly that Elon musk fired Twitter employees regularly.

His tweets give information about Twitter’s new rules and regulations including. That he also announced that Twitter will charge around $8/month from those users which have blue ticks after owning Twitter Elon musk surprised Twitter users with his tweets.

Besides firing employees and making changes to twitters rules and regulations continuously he also said to fired employees to come back and join Twitter again.

The co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey recently apologized for the layoffs of employees, saying he “grew the company size too quickly.”

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