Eye Flu: Reason, Signs and Symptoms, Prevention

Eye Flu

As we all know that eye flu is spreading drastically in many states like UP, MP, and Delhi NCR. If you have redness, dryness, itching, and pain in your eyes. Then there are the common symptoms of eye flu. So, Don’t worry if you are suffering from the flu. We will tell you about precautions and prevention. which you must take.

What is Eye flu?

This is a common eye infection like other infections. It is spread by sharing and touching things with infectious persons. According to the trend, the eye flu (connectivities virus) is mostly at a high peak in the month of July to September ( Mostly in rainy seasons ).

Signs and Symptoms of Eye Flu

If you or a relative – Friend have symptoms like redness, dryness, itching, swelling in the eyes, and discharging water continuously from the eyes. So it may be the symptoms of eye flu.

So, after identifying these symptoms of this flu in a person or in yourself. You must have to consult with your doctor. It affects your physical health as well as mental health also. During the eye infection, patients feel blurriness in their eye vision and feel tiredness, and are unable to do any work properly. There is no need to worry about this flu. Because in most cases patients recovered from this eye flu infection around in a single week.

Prevention from Eye Flu

These are the following preventions which are listed below. Which you must have to obey during eye flu. If anyone is suffering from flu near you. then you should pay attention to these things.

The conjunctivitis virus is spread by sharing things like- Bottles, Pens, and other stuff, etc. Even you can not share pillows as well.

Avoid going outside in dust, pollen, pollutants, bacteria, and virus particles that have a high chance to spread the eye flu. so, doctors usually recommend their patients wear eye goggles during eye flu.

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