How Much Pollution Does Diwali Cause In A Year In India?

Want to know every year How Much Pollution Diwali Cause In Year In India? Diwali is the festival of lights, joy, happiness, and also known as the festival of lights. On this day devotees clean their homes and decorate them full of lights and candles for welcoming the goddess of wealth known as Lakshmi Mata, Ganesh Ji, and Saraswati Mata also pray for their families and peace of the world on this day harvesting over in many states which are adjacent to Delhi the day after Diwali the pollution on its peak.

How much pollution does Diwali cause?

There are many ways to pollute on Diwali. During Diwali, the major cause is the busting of crackers which were banned by the government in around 2015, and one of the biggest reasons is burning crop stubble in winter.

In the big farmland of Haryana and Punjab, those states which are adjacent to Delhi farmers burn crop stubbles and pollute the air of Delhi and Haryana as well which cause the pollution Dewali in the month of November the winter just started after the monsoon so there’s no any way of wash out pollution by raining, the pollutants particles trapped upward in the atmosphere and form layer by layer and create the air poisonous for citizens and nearby livelihood.

In Delhi, the air quality becomes hazardous by causing pollution around PM 2.5 released by the central pollution control board (CPCB) over burning 12,000 crop stubble cases raised after a day of Diwali by pollution.

The problem occurred like health problems like low visibility in the air and road which will increase the cases of accidents and a big economical loss of capital (Delhi) as well as citizens loss pollution because of illegally bursting crackers and burning of crop stubbles in acres of farmland of Haryana and Punjab that’s why the Delhi government decided to distribute over 5 million anti-pollution maskin Delhi by the chief minister of Delhi.

the cause of affecting air pollution is very poisonous in the winter season inhaling these poisonous components of the pollutant of air.

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