Importance of Voting & Why Should Every Citizen Vote?

Do you also want to know the importance of voting? Voting is a fundamental right of every citizen. Through voting, people participate in the democratic process. And citizens can choose their leader by the interest with the help of voting. Because they know this leader will do some work in our favor. In many countries, the maximum age for voting is 18 years. In India, if people are above 18 years then they can give a vote.

Why should Every Citizen vote?

India is the largest democratic country. “The nation is Government of the people, and by the people, and for the people,” said Abraham Lincoln. When every citizen takes participates in process of election. Then they will understand the importance of voting & the importance of their citizenship. By voting all the citizens come together to decide the future of the country.

If you want to make a positive change in your society. The vote gives you the chance. There are many social issues affected by elections, Environmental issues, public education issues, reproductive rights issues, and many more. Social issues can affect everyone in one way or another. So it’s essential to vote.

However, it has been seen that So many voters do not take the election process seriously. And they don’t understand the Importance of Voting. It happens to most of the urban population. Where voting day is considered just another holiday. It’s not made compulsory or mandatory for every citizen to vote.

The highest record had been found at approximately 66%  in the 2014 election. There also have been many cases where voters do not even register to vote or do not enroll themselves on the voter list. And think their one vote will not matter.

Conclusion of the Importance of Voting

So, Every citizen should realize the importance of the voting process as well as the importance of each vote in determining the future of the nation.

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