Who is IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma ?

ips manoj kumar sharma

Here’s everything you need to know about IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma. Many people most of them students are constantly searching about ips Manoj Kumar Sharma and their wife as well. and Students are getting inspired by 12th Fail a true biography of Ips Manoj Kumar Sharma, so here we will discuss their, education, profession, wife, birthplace, qualifications, and struggle or many more. We will know about who is ips Manoj Kumar Sharma in depth.

How did he become IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma?

Today, the name Manoj Kumar Sharma is on the tongue of every upsc aspirant after getting inspired by the 12th Fail film story. Those who are afraid to work hard always. They can be motivated by ips Manoj Sharma. So, ips Manoj Shama was born on 2nd July 1975 in Monera district of Madhya Pradesh in Bilgram village, his wife’s name is Shraddha Joshi Sharma.

He cleared the UPSC exam on the 4th attempt secured AIR 121 and became IPS . By getting failed in the 12th class. But he did not give up and that was the important turning point toward becoming IPS.

Who is ips Manoj Kumar Sharma’s wife?

The name of the IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma is Shradha Joshi Sharma. She is on an IRS post. so, let’s talk about how they met when he came to DELHI in Mukherjee Nagar ( A famous place for UPSC aspirants) for preparation. Then he met Shradha Joshi in the coaching. She inspires him a lot to become ips.

She was his classmate. But both have feelings for each other. but their primary target is to crack the exam. Manoj Kumar Sharma made his first attempt and he failed, after that, he made 2nd and 3rd attempts he again failed. He was broken at that moment. But there was only one person who motivated him.

She was Shradha Joshi and his family. and he made 4th attempt fortunately he cracked the UPSC exam secured AIR 121 and became IPS, his girlfriend became IRS and they got married.

IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma struggle:

When they failed in the 12th class. and again he took the exam and passed in all subjects. As belongs to a middle-class family. He faced many hurdles with their family on their journey to become an IPS.

Even he ran tampo many times and worked in the library to collect some money for his family. He also slept with buffaloes at night, by overcoming these hurdles. He cleared the exam on 4th attempt and secured ALL INDIA RANK (AIR) 121.

Behind his success, his family and his girlfriend played an important role in becoming Manoj Kumar Sharma to IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma.

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