Lisa Marie Presley Cause of Death Revealed 

Lisa Marie Presley Cause of Death

Do you also want to know about Lisa Marie Presley Cause of Death? Elvis Presely’s daughter Lisa Presely died on 12 January 2023. On her death, it was supposed that the cause of her death was cardiac arrest or an overdose. But after some time Lisa Marie Preselys reports came and revealed the real cause of her death. After that many myths were busted among the people.

As we know that Lisa Marie was a very famous American singer as well as a songwriter. She was the only daughter of Elvis Presely (Actor) and Priscilla Presely (Actress). She sang and wrote lots of songs in America and was a successful singer. Lisa Marie Presley’s net worth was approx $40 million at the age of 54. She died of some natural cause.

By analyzing Lisa Marie Presley’s autopsy reports. The doctor said that reason behind her death was a “small bowel obstruction”. According to her autopsy reports of Lisa Marie Presley obtained by CCN. Dr. Jaun M Carrillo is the deputy medical Examiner. Found the cause of death. Lisa Marie Presley was suffering from some health issues. To get rid of the pain she consumed many medicines like – antidepressants, painkiller buprenorphine, and quetiapine metabolite. These medicines were found in Lisa Marie’s blood.

She did bariatric surgery. A few years later by which her surgery become the only reason for her death. Many secrets were revealed. According to Dr. Carrillo, he cleared that there is no evidence of injury or foul play was found conclude. The reason for the death is a natural cause.

Lisa died and was buried beside her father in Tennessee in Los Angles.

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